Top 10 Countries Offering Highest Average MBA Salaries

MBA In Germany

The graduates of the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the London Business School might increase their salary on average by the degree of around 120 percent. But in Germany, the case is little different. Most of German companies are not much popular, when it comes to recruiting MBAs. This is evidenced by the current job trends study by the Staufenbiel Institute, Germany.  According to the survey, just 11% of the surveyed companies prefer candidates with an MBA degree. More than 80 percent want to prefer candidates with a normal master or diploma. No wonder, German MBA graduates in job interviews can negotiate only rarely as high salaries as their counterparts in the US and in the UK.

Salary Increase Through MBA

What would happen, if you graduate with an MBA? For those who are thinking to pursue an MBA program and are suffering from the dilemma, if their heavy investment is justified?  We present you with surveyed facts, the prospective hope of their MBA degree, if it would result in better positions and higher salaries?

MBA degree is an investment in a person’s professional career. Responsibilities and position assigned to an MBA graduate in the industry plays a crucial role in determining the starting salary. The professional experience, special skill set such as relevant certifications and knowledge of popular foreign languages along with the gender affect the MBA salary level. Major factor in the level of income, however, is still the reputation of the university at which MBA studies are completed.

The figures presented in the following table should be treated more as an approximate guide rather than a general rule.

MBA Salary By World Standards

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MBA Graduate Salary In Germany

According to one of QS Top MBA recently published study, Germany is number 7 in the top 10 average salaries for MBA graduates worldwide. Thus, managers earn an average € 6039 gross per month with MBA degree in Germany. 

By far the highest avergage salaries received by MBAs are in Australia: On average, the monthly payments amount to € 8,140.Top salaries in Europe  are earned by MBAs, especially in Denmark, the UK and Switzerland.

MBA Salary in Germany

According to Payscale:

  • Business Development Manager : €58,700
  • Marketing Director : €129,000
  • Business Analyst, IT : €60,000
  • Marketing Manager : €50,000
  • Sales Director : €120,000
  • International Sales Manager : €65,000

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