How Much Does A Mechanical Engineer Earn In Germany?

Germany is globally famous for its high tech engineering programs, specifically in the field of Mechanical Engineering.  How Much Does A Mechanical Engineer Earn In Germany? This question naturally keeps ticking on minds of international students, aiming to pursue their studies in Germany, focusing the field of Mechanical Engineering. This, by the way also applies to over 150,000 engineers who are engaged in Mechanical Engineering field in Germany. 

VDI (Association of German Engineers), carried an interesting survey on earnings of Mechanical Engineers in Germany. We also discussed in our previous post, the survey from VDI, where they focused on how much Electrical Engineers earn in Germany. Lets have a look at some of the main findings of the survey relating to mechanical engineers.

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Main Findings Of The Survey At A Glance:

Salaries vary, depending on company size, position and Region. This applies to all industries, including new entrants as well as for experienced engineers. A mechanical engineer with more than two years of experience  earns on average 61, 620 EUR gross per year, which is significantly above the industry average of 59, 800 EUR. 

However, engineers relating to chemical, pharmaceutical (70 290 EUR) and  automotive (64 036 EUR) industries earn comparatively higher annual salary as compared to others.

The Bigger The Company, The Higher The Salary

In addition to the experience, the choice of the employer plays a crucial role, when it comes to the amount of salary. Simple rule is: Big companies pay more than small ones.

In numbers: Mechanical engineering professionals joining small enterprises up to 50 employees earn 40, 500 EUR per year. These are often engineering services companies. Large companies in the industry provides a chance to earn up to 9, 000 EUR more.

Employee Responsibility Pays Off

The position in the company affects the income. In addition to the position, the employee responsibility has a significant impact on remuneration. Higher the position, the greater the employee responsibility, the higher the salary. 

Salaries Of Men & Women Are Converging At Same Positions

The good news, which is affecting all industries: The salaries of men and women are converging at the same positions. More and more women are taking on an engineering degree. Nearly 11,800 new students were registered as engineering students in 2012, which marked an increase of 10, 7%, compared to the previous year.

Less Money In The East, More In The West

It is noticeable that the region still decides remuneration. Survey declares, Stuttgart with the best earning potential. Here, an engineer starts with an average annual salary of EUR 58, 000. An engineer in the Dresden area, however only earns 42, 880 EUR. The annual salaries in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg are well below the national average of 54 ,800 EUR.


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