Quite Simply Proved, Money alone Cannot Buy Happiness: Study Reveals- Claims Of Interns


Money is not everything, not even for interns. Today, they are much more demanding than they were a few years ago. But that is also because they are better paid overall and have a better choice in finding a job.

Practical experiences are worth more than the compensation for many interns today. They demand solid structures and focal points, qualifying activities and a structured process of the internship. For this, they are willing to interrupt their studies for up to six months and even to move to another city. This all was revealed after a survey was conducted by a German online job market portal, Absolventa.

Absolventa offers the job market for students, graduates and young professionals. Majority students find Absolventa very handy for finding jobs in Germany.

Survey from Online job market portal Absolventa and Celvis


The survey was initiated by Absolevnta, which was presented on December 02, 2013 on the occasion of the “Day of the interns” in Berlin. Survey was presented after interviewing 7500 interns (including former and current).

Interns are better paid?

Study results of Absolventa stated, it does mean that money does not matter anymore. 94 percent of the interns were paid an average  of 736 euros a month for their work. However, remuneration varies greatly, depending on the industry and nature of work. Around 800-1000 euros, in the IT/telecom industry, 850 euros in consumer goods/wholesale and retail, up to 700 in online marketing, however interns in the media and marketing industries are relatively poorly paid in contrast to other fields with around 400-545 euros. Areas of ​​public service, research and teaching goes around with 500 euros according to the survey.

More money in North of Germany

The earning of trainees during their internship varies from state to state.  In the north and south of Germany, interns get a total of more money, as compared to the east. Hamburg and Bremen are at the top along with Bayern. Saxony and Thuringia stand at the last place each.  Average internship salaries according to Absolventa and Celvis are:


  • Hamburg: 832€
  • Bremen: 790€
  • Bayern: 765€


  • Saxony -Anhalt: 545€
  • Saxony: 543€
  • Thuringia: 504€

It seems like: “A higher degree means better remuneration”

As expected: Interns in the master earn around 100 euros more than their counterparts in the bachelor’s degree. In addition, the survey 2014, shows a difference between men and women. The latter received less for their services. According to the survey:

  • Men with Bachelor degree: 729€
  • Men with Master degree: 829€
  • Women with Bachelor degree: 729€
  • Women with Master degree: 798€

The master is paying off already during their studies. Depending on the level of training, the demands of the interns – and thus the satisfaction. Because the students know: The  internship certificates alone are not enough anymore for a successful career start.

So, it is not surprising that today’s trainees put more emphasis on training content and experiences. But, it should also be kept in mind that, not every program prepares students for practice prior to working life.

What Factors Determine the satisfaction of an intern?

Internships are an integral part of today, on the way to professional orientation. Both, before and during the study, they are useful in order to gain and deepen practical experience. Even after graduation, we advise to choose an internship as an alternative to direct entry.

Whether internships in Germany are rated as positive or negative, depends on various factors like remuneration, hours of work and placement and duration that influence the evaluation of the internship. Even city and companies in which the internship is completed, play a major role in the evaluation.

Survey showed, Overall, 82 percent of respondents/interns were satisfied with everything in all of their internship. The least satisfied are the interns of the media / marketing industry, followed by the areas of social / health and public services.

For good internships in Germany, students are also quite willing to work: almost 53 percent changed their place of residence for an internship. The general satisfaction of interns in percentage by industry is listed below presents a clear picture:

  • Pharmacy/Medicine/Chemistry: 87%
  • IT/software/Telecom: 85.11%
  • Consumer/whole sale/retail: 84.03%
  • Automobile: 83.76%
  • Construction/Steel: 83.27%
  • Logistics: 82.59%
  • Consultations/Market Research Institutes: 81.55%
  • Banking/Finance: 80.99%
  • Energy: 78.57%
  • Tourism/Gastronomy: 71.89%
  • Public Service/Administration/Teaching: 71.43%
  • Media/Marketing: 69.37%
  • Health Services/Social: 67.61%

Money is like sex

Jürgen Hesse, psychologist and director of the Berlin office for professional strategy says: “Money is like sex, you have it or not – you don’t like to talk about it with everyone.” In many companies, salary of internships are fixed. The candidates are some times unaware of the financial flexibility of the company and they feel shy and hesitant in negotiating salary. So, according to Jürgen Hesse, one must go for negotiations, if the salary of the company is not pre-defined.

The salaries of interns have developed in recent years – even if there are still companies, who pay nothing for internships in Germany. The survey proved that compensation is just not the decisive factor. For interns, corporate culture, variety of tasks, team climate, feedback and appreciation from superiors all play a very important role in making an internship successful. In addition, the structure of internship is really important. Permanent contacts should therefore be planned in advance and trained by the company.


NOTE: All the facts, provided are sourced from Absolventa

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  1. David
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    There is one more point on internships in Germany. The german government wants every company to pay for their interns. But if someone is doing an intern in a federal ministry, they are paying a piece of shit. most of them exactly 0 euros. This is very controversial and hypocrite and could also be a point to discuss.


    • Benjamin
      Oct 21, 2014 @ 15:07:51

      why should the federal ministrys pay their interns? i mean if they are going to pay them they take the money from our taxes.


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