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There are a number of possible structures for writing a motivation letter. Our first advice on how to write a sample cover letter is always: Develop and create your own style. The more original a motivation letter, the better it is.

Do not restrict yourself to standard formats. Selecting a proper structure is a big challenge for many students. Therefore, we offer you the following example structures. You can simply copy them into your blank document and then write the corresponding parts.

Structure for students wishing to pursue Bachelor studies

When applying for undergraduate studies, generally you do not have a lot of work experience or related internships etc. So you need  to strongly argue for yourself.

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)

  • What is the field of study: general (1 paragraph)

  • Matching school experience e.g which subjects have a relation with what you are going to study in future. (1 paragraph)

  • Matching similar and practical experience (1 paragraph)

  • Future: What Do you want to do after getting your diploma? (1 paragraph)

  • Why is this your target program? (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Final sentence and formal salutation lines (1 paragraph)

Structure For Master Candidates

Master applicants have more academic baggage than high school graduates. You must make a reference to your undergrad studies and to your Bachelor thesis. You must demonstrate that you were an above average student.

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)

  • Previous Study: Reasons, priorities, Bachelor Thesis (2-3 paragraphs)

  • Matching practical experience (0-2 paragraphs, depending on the practical orientation of the program)

  • Future: What Do you want to do after completing this study program? (1 paragraph)

  • Target program and university (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Final sentence and formal salutation lines (1 paragraph)


There are two basic methods to write the intro. The “summary” method and the “direct entry” method. We’ll discuss both these methods one by one below.


You should have two or three strong arguments. It catches the attention of the reader and outlines clearly your background, your motivation and your objectives.

You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What qualifies me for this masters program?
  2. Why do I fit into this program?
  3. What motivates me to apply for this program?

That is not easy to formulate. The best strategy is to write the introduction in the end. A good example might look like this:

My professional goal is to take a leadership position in the society. To perform this task academically sound and to exercise it successfully, I want to have the best possible academic qualifications.

Your renowned masters program in International Studies, with its emphasis on the areas of Internationalism and Globalism is a perfect match with my bachelor thesis topic “Internalized inter nationality in the national context” . This seems to me as an ideal starting point for my future life .

With this entry you make immediately clear what it is about, what are your goals and why you’ll be a good fit for this Masters program.

Next Part: How to write an intro using the “Direct Entry” method

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