Foreign Students Have To Pay Tuition Fees For Study In Germany

If you want to study in Germany, you have to pay. says Prof Wolfgang A. Herrmann: The President of the Technical University München, a popular German newspaper Der Speigel stated.

According to Mr.Herrmann, “German Engineering” enjoys a reputation of excellence worldwide, that is based on a top-quality education, so foreign students should pay for that as well.”

Tuition fees in Germany has always remained a hot subject for international students and this is not the first time that the idea of charging tuition fees at universities in Germany has been floated.

RWTH Rector Came Up With The Same Idea

10 years ago, the rector of the largest university for technical courses in Germany, RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen) also proposed the same idea. He said that, elites are finding their way to England and U.S and paying higher fees there.

Students Stage Education Protests Nationwide

Greens In Baden-Württemberg

last year, The Greens (a German political party) had already been active in projecting the idea to finance the southwestern universities in Germany to collect 1000 € per semester from incoming students.

Germany Has Never Witnessed So Many Foreigners

According to German Federal Statistical Office, the number of people without a German passport has raised to 7.6 million. Most immigrants came last year from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. This is the highest ever number registered in Germany, since statistical data analysis began in 1967.

More Than 11% Are Foreign Students At German Universities

A leading German statistics institute, Statista concluded in a recent survey: In the winter semester 2013/14, the proportion of foreign students at German universities was 11.5 percent.

Germany’s Experiment With Tuition Fees Already Failed In 2006

Germany’s experiment with tuition fees at universities in Germany has already failed once and came to an end in 2006 . The movement to end tuition fees started in 2006, when state governments (who control education) decided to start charging a relatively modest tuition fee of 1,000 euros. But, with pressure of unions and students, German states began slowly to scrap tuition fees.

Free education in Germany is the point of attraction, that makes Germany an ideal destination for foreign students. We doubt, if ever Tuition fees are enforced at universities in Germany, it would face negative results as Sweden did, after introducing tuition fees for students from outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

OECD research had shown that international students benefited national budgets in the long run.

Decline Of International Students In Sweden

Sweden saw a massive decline of international students in 2011/12 after implementation of tuition fees. The number of international applicants fell dramatically, from 132,000 in 2010 to 15,000 in 2011, as University World News reported in 2011.

Norway On The Same Path

Professor Ole Petter Ottersen, President of the University of Oslo told The PIE News

“Ottersen is concerned that if the policy is passed, the country could go the way of Sweden which saw international student enrollments fall by a third between 2010 and 2011, from 22,000 to 14,7000 after fees were introduced.”

The principle of free education is one of the cornerstones of German education and it might hurt Germany more than Norway and Sweden. It would definitely hit the research in public universities that develop and thrive on diversity.

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