3 Ways Facebook Is Helping Unite Indian and Pakistani Cricket Fans

Cricket is not a mere game but a passion in India and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan will face each other on Indian soil on Saturday, 19 March, 15:00 Eden Gardens, Kolkata in the World Twenty20 cricket tournament.

The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 International cricket tournament started in India on 8th March and will carry on until 3rd April 2016. This is the first ICC World Twenty20 to be hosted by India.

Matches will be played in the following Indian cities:

  • Bangalore
  • Dharamsala
  • Kolkata
  • Mohali
  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur
  • New Delhi

The final of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 will be played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The tournament will feature sixteen teams.

India–Pakistan cricket History

Cricket fans all over the world are geared up for this exciting tournament. The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is considered to be one of the most intense sports rivalries in the cricketing world. An India-Pakistan cricket match has been estimated to attract up to one billion viewers. In 2011, the World Cup semifinal between the two teams attracted around 988 million television viewers.

Unfortunately some organizations threatened Pakistani cricket team to play against India in Dharamshala. International Cricket Council changed the Venue from Dharamshala to Eden Gardens Kolkata after the security concerns shown by Pakistan Cricket Board.

It is no more than a blessing in disguise. Cricket lovers of both the countries have strongly conveyed their message that cricket can never divide them.

Facebook has always tried to bring the world closer and turn them into one single peaceful community. Their recent effort to bring the two cricket loving nations is being loved by all.

Thousands of Pakistanis and Indians have started changing their profile pictures on Facebook and other social networking websites to promote the peace between the two countries.

1. #‎ProfilesForPeace‬

Facebook has offered a special service to the cricket fans around the world who can change their profile frame to show support for their favorite teams. If you want to support your favorite team, visit  facebook.com/profilepicframes.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted it by saying:

“Hundreds of thousands of Indian cricket fans are putting the Pakistani frame around their picture. And Pakistani fans are doing the same thing — showing support for India. They’re using the hashtag: #‎ProfilesForPeace‬”

profileforpeace , Samir Gupta

Samir Gupta from India changed his frame to support Pakistan.Credits@ FB Samir Gupta

Profile for peace , Sehyr Mirza

Sehyr Mirza from Pakistan Joinied in the ‪#‎ProfileForPeace‬ campaign initiated by Samir Gupta. Credits@ FB Sehyr Mirza

Facebook has successfully help unite the people across the globe on different ocassions:

  • Project to Connect Refugee Camps to the Internet
  • Project to provide Internet access to eradicate extreme poverty
  • Interent.org to provide access to the internet to the two-thirds of the world that doesn‘t have them.

2. Facebook Proved How Being Connected Can Bring You Closer

ram subramanian , profiles for peace , india pakistan cricket

The campaign was kickstarted by Mumbai resident Ram Subramanian. Credits@FB Ram Subramanian

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, and co-founder of the Facebook.

“When we designed the profile frames feature, we just wanted to help people show support for their favorite teams or a cause they believe in. But this story shows that the more connected we are, the more we realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us.”

3. We Are One

pak india cricket


Mark Zuckerberg has personally stepped in to further accelerate the peace process between the tow countries.

His recent Facebook status says:

“Something pretty interesting is happening in India and Pakistan on Facebook right now. Last week marked the beginning of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 — the biggest cricket tournament of the year. This is the first time the tournament is being hosted by India.”

Facebook has proved it again.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is proving that people can be brought close to each other

“We are a nation of immigrants. We are one world. And we are all connected.”

“We seek to advance human potential and promote equality.”

“We all benefit when we are more connected.”

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