EPL Predictions Week 32 April 11, Season 2014-15

EPL predictions Week 32 April 11 2015

Before having a look at the EPL Predictions Week 32 table, let’s have a look at the last week predictions. First of all we’d like to say that we predicted correct results for Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea matches which means that we have our hand on the pulse of EPL.

Arsenal won comfortably and are now almost have a guaranteed Champions League spot. Manchester United can’t stop winning either and are looking good to make the top 4. Liverpool, Tottenham and Southampton are slipping as we all know that this league is rigged on favor of big teams due to the absence of a salary cap.

EPL Predictions Week 32

The marquee match ups and the EPL Predictions Week 32 are as follows:

Burnley vs Arsenal (1-2)

You might ask yourself, and rightly so, what is Burnley vs Arsenal doing in the marquee match up section of the EPL predictions Week 32 post? The thing is that Burnley is a potential banana skin. They played a draw against the Spurs last week and did beat City a few weeks ago to kill their title aspirations. Arsenal has always had this character flaw of crumbling under pressure. Burnley are playing at home and Arsenal can get complacent at times. We think it’d be a tricky 1-2 victory for Arsenal and we are sure that Arsenal would need to score at least twice to clinch 3 points because Burnley is surely going to score against Arsenal at home.

Manchester United vs Manchester City (1-3)

We have only included this match in here in the EPL predictions Week 32 marquee match ups because we are a charitable bunch. City might as well send their star players on leave because there’s nothing left for them in the league. They can’t win it and they already have the Champions League spot. United have got the Champions League spot to play for but they know it and we know it that they can have it even if they lose this game. Talking of losing, we think that United are going to lose this game 1-3 when the red and blue halves of the city meet in Manchester this weekend.

The EPL predictions Week 32 are as follows:

11 Apr 12:45 Swansea   2 Swansea v Everton  1  Everton
11 Apr 15:00 Southampton   2 Southampton v Hull   0 Hull
11 Apr 15:00 Spurs   3 Spurs v Aston Villa  1  Aston Villa
11 Apr 15:00 Sunderland   2 Sunderland v Crystal Palace  2 Crystal Palace
11 Apr 15:00 West Brom   2 West Brom v Leicester  1 Leicester
11 Apr 15:00 West Ham   2 West Ham v Stoke  2 Stoke
11 Apr 17:30 Burnley  1 Burnley v Arsenal  2 Arsenal
12 Apr 13:30 QPR   0 QPR v Chelsea  1 Chelsea
12 Apr 16:00 Man Utd  1 Man Utd v Man City  3 Man City
13 Apr 20:00 Liverpool   2 Liverpool v Newcastle  1  Newcastle

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