EPL Predictions Week 31 April 04, Season 2014-15

 EPL predictions Week 31 April 04 2015

Before having a look at the EPL Predictions Week 31 table, let’s have a look at the last week predictions. Manchester United broke Liverpool’s 5 match winning streak with a 2-1 victory at Anfield over ten man Liverpool. They are now sitting in the 4th position in the EPL table while Liverpool are out of the top 4. Spurs, who looked to be a certain 4th spot clincher in February, are now languishing in the sixth place.

Arsenal went to Saint James’s Park and came back with three points with a comprehensive victory over Newcastle United. Although they have a slim one point over Manchester United, they are the one most likely to clinch the Champions League spot on the basis of current performance.

EPL Predictions Week 31

The marquee match ups and the EPL Predictions Week 31 are as follows:

 Arsenal vs Liverpool

Arsenal receive Liverpool on 4th of April and this might prove to be a make or break match for both these teams. Liverpool can not afford to have two back to back defeats against two teams which are vying for the Champions League spots in the EPL. Arsenal are playing very well and all the important squad members are fit and available for this match. Giroud scored twice against Newcastle and is perhaps in the form of his life. Ramsey and Walcott are available as well and contributing to the success of Arsenal since late February.

Liverpool have to prove that they are capable of beating teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and Southampton. For the time being they have been incapable of beating the teams above them in the table. This match is going to test their resolve and if they fail to win it then their chances to qualify for the Champions League will take a heavy blow.

Arsenal at home are very formidable and in our opinion it would be very difficult for Liverpool to beat them. We are going to go with a nervy 3-2 Arsenal victory.

As nervy victories go, we predicted a nervy 1-2 Arsenal victory and this is exactly what happened in Saint James’s Park.

Burnley vs Spurs

Burnley at home can be quite difficult to beat and presently they are fighting tooth and nail to avoid relegation. They can fancy their chances against Tottenham who also need to win this game at all costs to be in the hunt for the Champions League. Though on paper, Tottenham should win this match comfortably, we are going to go with a 2-2 draw.

A small word before concluding this week’s prediction posts. As we have said time and again that the European leagues in general and the English Premier League in particular is rigged in favor of big teams. That’s why there is no point in predicting the the result of Chelsea vs Stoke City or Crystal Palace vs Manchester City.

We all know who is going to win in these encounters. There might be an upset or two over 38 weeks but as a rule of thumb, the top 6 will beat any other team on any given match day. The absence of salary cap has made this league lop-sided and apart from matches within the top 6 the outcome is only a formality.

The EPL predictions Week 31 are as follows:

04 Apr 12:45 Arsenal   3 Arsenal v Liverpool   2  Liverpool
04 Apr 15:00 Everton  2 Everton v Southampton   2  Southampton
04 Apr 15:00 Leicester  0 Leicester v West Ham   2  West Ham
04 Apr 15:00 Man Utd  3 Man Utd v Aston Villa   1  Aston Villa
04 Apr 15:00 Swansea   2 Swansea v Hull  1  Hull
04 Apr 15:00 West Brom  2 West Brom v QPR  0 QPR
04 Apr 17:30 Chelsea   1 Chelsea v Stoke  0 Stoke
05 Apr 13:30 Burnley   2 Burnley v Spurs  2  Spurs
05 Apr 16:00 Sunderland  1 Sunderland v Newcastle   3  Newcastle
06 Apr 20:00 Crystal Palace   0 Crystal Palace v Man City   2 Man City
07 Apr 19:45 Aston Villa   2 Aston Villa v QPR  1 QPR

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