EPL Predictions Review Week 8: 5 out of 6 Correct Results

EPL Predictions

This was the best week so far for our predictions. 5 out of 6 (85%) of our predictions were correct with 5 correct results. Let’s take EPL Predictions Review Week 8.

Manchester City vs Tottenham

Result: Manchester City Win

Prediction: Manchester City Win

Westbromwich Albion vs Manchester United 

Result: Draw

Prediction: Draw

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

Result: Chelsea Win

Prediction: Chelsea Win

Everton vs Aston Villa

Result: Everton Win

Prediction: Everton Win

QPR vs Liverpool

Result: Liverpool Win

Prediction: Liverpool Win

As usual Arsenal disappointed us by not winning us but at least as an Arsenal fan, our team is now immune to this Arsenal quirkiness. Arsenal were not able to defeat a not very strong Hull City team at home. What can we say. Arsène get your shit together.

Arsenal vs Hull City

Result: Draw

Prediction: Arsenal Win

On a side note, since the season is in full swing now and there won’t be any international football till after Christmas, we have decided to include all the teams to our prediction algorithms. From the 9th week onward, we’ll predict all the EPL matches (yes including those of Burnley, Leicester City and Stoke City).

So keep calm and keep reading (and Arsenal for God sake win a match for a change)…

See you on Friday with next week predictions. Till then ciao ciao…

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