EPL Predictions Review: 2 Perfect Scores and 3 Correct Results

EPL predictions

For the matches played on the 27-28th September weekend we had two perfect scores and three good results in total. Here is a review of last week’s EPL predictions

Manchester United vs West Ham United

We got the Manchester United vs West Ham match result spot on (2-1) although Manchester United saw Wayne Rooney expelled during the second half for violent conduct. 

Chelsea vs Aston Villa

Same goes for the Chelsea vs Aston Villa match. The high flying Aston Villa were brought down to the harsh reality of Premier Lague by Chelsea (3-0). It’s now two back to back 3-0 losses for Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa.

Manchester City vs Hull City

Another match which should have been a perfect score was the Manchester City vs Hull City match. Manchester City were up and running and were 2-0 during the first 25 minutes and had it not been for Elaquium Mangala’s horror show, the scoreline would have remained the same. Mangala scored an own goal and then conceded a penalty five minutes later to bring Hull City back in the game. The goal difference and the result however remained the same as predicted (4-2).

Arsenal vs Tottenham

Arsenal as usual disappointed us with their lackluster display but as disappointing as it might be, it’s hardly surprising. Özil, Chambers, Sanchez, Chamberlain and Gibbs can cross all they want but it’s not going to make a difference because:

(1) It would take a miracle to get Dany Welbeck to head in or even tap in a goal

(2) Giroud is out till New Year

(3) Sanogo is very good on the bench and equally helpless and useless on the pitch.

We’re still surprised at Arsène Wenger’s decision to buy Dany Welbeck, he should have gone for Loïc Rémy but then perhaps he did go for the France and QPR striker and Rémy being the bright young lad that he is, very intelligently chose Chelsea over Arsenal.

Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini are as ineffective as we had expected them to be and one of the two midfield engines Ramsey is out for a month now (the other being Jack Wilshire). Flamini came off the bench to give away possession and get Tottenham a 1-0 lead.

The defense is abysmal as usual, to be honest, a defense with Per Mertesacker as a first choice center-half is never going to inspire confidence. Even then we were naïve enough to think that Arsenal will beat Tottenham at Emirates but that wasn’t to be.

Fortunately Dany Welbeck missed an open goal from 2 yards out and the ball fell to Oxalade-Chamberlain who scored to equalize. Had Arsenal left it to their latest acquisition from Manchester United they would have lost all three points.

Liverpool vs Everton

As far as the Liverpool vs Everton match goes, we were content with at least having a correct score (1-0) with 2 minutes to go but then Jagielka struck and rained on our parade. The match finished with both teams getting a point each (1-1) and we were left neither with a correct score nor with a good result.

But as our audience might have noticed, the accuracy of our predictions is increasing with every passing week. We’ll present a detailed analysis of our predictions and compare them to actual results to check how the accuracy evolved over three months before Christmas.

Enjoy the Champions League this week. Let’s see if English teams get a reality check from their continental brethren like Liverpool got from Ludogorets and City and Arsenal got from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund respectively or is it going to be smooth sailing all the way till the knock-out round.

We’ll be back in a few days time with our weekly EPL predictions.

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