English Premier League Season 2014-15 Predictions Spetember 28, 2014, Week 6

English Premier League

The predictions for the English Premier League matches starting on 27th September 2014 are as follows:

Arsenal 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur

This is the first of the two mouthwatering derby fixtures that we’re having this week. Arsenal have always been very strong at home (a bit stronger at Highbury than they are at Emirates Stadium) and they have a very good record against Tottenham in league derby matches as well. They had a convincing victory against Aston Villa last week, scored 3 and kept a clean sheet. Özil and Welbeck both scored and created one each and the defense showed they were solid against a very good team.

Having said that, we think that Wenger has been playing Özil on the left side which is not his natural position. He’s used to playing behind the striker(s) and this is where he played last week and the result was very promising. We don’t know if that would change with the return of Alexis Sanchez this week but we’re assuming that Sanchez will play on the right which would make Arsenal even stronger.

Tottenham have a very good team with two very good attacking players in Chadli and Lamela. Also Adebayor, while being a mediocre striker, has a knack of scoring against Arsenal. They have a very good coach as well but they have lost their way a bit during the past few weeks and it looks like that Europa League has started to tax the Spurs players a bit. For these reason, and due to Arsenal’s home advantage we are predicting Arsenal to win.

Liverpool 3-1 Everton

Two teams with potential who are in quite some trouble at the moment. None of them kept a clean sheet last week. Liverpool were comprehensively beaten last week by Westham 3-1. They struggled to beat Ludogorets the previous week and only did manage to beat Southampton during this week after a ridiculously long penalty shootout.

Everton are not in very good form either. They were beaten at Goodison Park 2-3 by Crystal Palace which by no means were formidable opponents on paper. Apparently Europa League is taking its toll on teams who have returned to European football after a long time.

But Liverpool have two things going for them. Daniel Sturridge is returning after an injury he picked up on national duty and the fact that they are going to play at Anfield. We predict a Liverpool victory.

Chelsea 3-0 Aston Villa

We had the misfortune of not taking Aston Villa seriously a few weeks ago (a mistake for which we were taken to task by some commentors) but we still think that the fairy tale start they have had for this season is over. Chelsea are very strong at home and Villa are coming off the back of a 0-3 loss to Arsenal at Villa Park. We believe that Fabregas/Costa/Schürrle combination will be too much to handle for Villa defense.

Manchester United 2 – 1 Westham United

We at this blog were never a fan of Manchester United but Louis Van Gaal has given us a new reason to dislike Manchester United. This front-loaded Manchester United team has a lot of attacking flair but the defense has more holes than a goal net. We can’t imagine about the confidence level of ManU players after the soul-crushing defeat against Leicester City last week where they slipped from 1-3 to 5-3 in the last twenty minutes of the match.

Westham are fresh from their 3-1 victory against Liverpool last week and would like to upstage Manchester United this week but ManU, no matter how week they might appear on paper, are a force to reckon with on their home turf.

We predict a close win for Manchester United.

Hull 0 – 2 Manchester City

Although Hull are quite good at home turf, City have got a lot of firepower up front and have a very good defense. Chelsea only scored because they were helped by some outrageously incompetent refreeing and an unfair red card for Pablo Zabaletta and even then 10 men City came back to score and salvage a point from the game. Their defense has become even stronger with the acquisition of Elaquim Mangala from Porto who is not only very powerfully built but has a lot of pace as well. We predict a comfortable City victory.

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