English Premier League Season 2014-15 Predictions October 16, 2014, Week 8

Here are English Premier League Predictions for this week:

Here are English Premier League Predictions review for this week:

Manchester City 3 – 0 Tottenham Hotspurs

Test of character for the Spurs. One which they have regularly failed against the top 4 for quite some time now. City at home is always a tough proposition with Aguero upfront and Silva and Toure in the midfield. With Adebayor playing up the field we can’t see how Tottenham will score, perhaps a moment of magic from Chadli or Lamela. In any case we predict a comfortable victory for City.


Arsenal 1 – 0 Hull City

We haven’t seen Arsenal win since their 3 goal burst at Villa Park a month ago. It’s perhaps time they start doing that since even Manchester United is sitting higher than them on the points table. Arsenal’s injury list is long, they are playing in the Champions League as well and Hull City are not a bad team all. We still think that Arsenal will win this match.

Crystal Palace  0 – 3 Chelsea

We can not see this match going any  other way. Crystal Palace is already languishing at the bottom of the EPL table. Chelsea is enjoying the good life at the top with a 9 point lead. It is also a London derby which means no travel fatigue for Chelsea either. We expect Chelsea to win easily.

Everton 2 – 1 Aston Villa

Very tricky match to predict. Aston Villa lost their last three matches against the top four sides and are looking to bounce back. Everton have not still started firing at all cylinders and had players on international duty which would come back tired. A draw at Goodison Park would be as good as a win for Villa which is why Everton will try its best to win the match. Kevin Mirallas is injured and Lukaku hopelessly out of form. Samuel Eto’o is a shadow of his former self with the age taking its toll. We think Everton will edge out Villa and win this match.

QPR 0 – 3 Liverpool

Liverpool should easily win this. They have their full strength squad back from international duty with Lallana, Hendreson, Sterling and Moreno in very good form. The match against QPR should be a walk in the park.

West Bromwich Albion 1 – 1 Manchester United

Rooney is out and the scandalmongers are saying that RvP is no good any more. Mata is thinking of leaving Manchester for Juventus as well. Does this present a chance for Westbrom? We think it does. They certainly have the capability to do it. They did defeat Tottenham and were  not very far from taking a point away from the Liverpool game. The defensive frailties at the heart of Manchester United’s current problems mean that Westbrom might score a goal or two. The question is could they keep a clean sheet? We think they can at least haggle a draw out of this game.

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