English Premier League Predictions Week 26 Feb 21, 2014-15

english premier league predictions week 26 | EPL

Before having a look at the English Premier League Predictions Week 26 table, let’s have a look at the last week predictions: Needless to say we had the results for Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea correct. The most important thing to note is that high flying Tottenham lost to Liverpool while Arsenal won so the race for the two open Champions League spots is still open. As we have said this time and time again that all European leagues are rigged in favor of big clubs so we’ll see Southampton and Tottenham progressively moving out of the big four and Arsenal and Manchester United moving up to these spots. Liverpool might be a dark horse in this race as well.

English Premier League Predictions Week 26

The marquee match ups and the English Premier League Predictions Week 26 are as follows:

Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Among the 25,000 excuses that Wenger has given us for Arsenal’s trophy less seasons since 2005, the one excuse which actually has some merit is that Arsenal has to play a lot of derby matches since London has the most number of clubs of any English city. Although Crystal Palace is weaker than Arsenal on paper, they are no paper tigers when it comes to playing on their home ground. We expect a tough match with Arsenal winning 1-3.

Swansea vs Manchester United

Swansea is playing very good football despite having lost Bony to City and they have the ability to defeat Manchester United at their home turf or at least get a point from this fixture like Hull City a few weeks ago. United are in the run for that Champions League spot which eluded them last time and Swansea are in the hunt for the UEFA league spot because it would translate in to millions of dollars in television revenue. We predict a 2-2 draw.

Spurs vs Westham

Speaking of London derbies, here’s another one for you: Spurs receiving Westham. Spurs looking to get a Champions League spot and Westham looking to get at least a Europa League spot if not a Champions League spot. In our opinion it has always been quite difficult to beat Sam Allardyce coached team but we think that Spurs at home should win this game if they want to clinch one of those coveted Champions League spots. We predict 3-1 Spurs.

21 Feb 15:00 Aston Villa   1 Aston Villa v Stoke 1   Stoke
21 Feb 15:00 Chelsea  3 Chelsea v Burnley 0  Burnley
21 Feb 15:00 Crystal Palace  1 Crystal Palace v Arsenal 3  Arsenal
21 Feb 15:00 Hull    2 Hull v QPR 2  QPR
21 Feb 15:00 Sunderland   2 Sunderland v West Brom 1   West Brom
21 Feb 15:00 Swansea   2 Swansea v Man Utd 2   Man Utd
21 Feb 17:30 Man City   2 Man City v Newcastle 1   Newcastle
22 Feb 12:00 Spurs   3 Spurs v West Ham 1   West Ham
22 Feb 14:05 Everton   2 Everton v Leicester 0   Leicester
22 Feb 16:15 Southampton  2 Southampton v Liverpool 1   Liverpool

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