English Premier League Predictions Week 24 Feb 07, 2014-15

English Premier League Predictions Week 24

Before having a look at the English Premier League Predictions Week 24 table, let’s have a look at the last week predictions: Needless to say we had the results for Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham correct. The most important thing to note is that Southampton has started to slip out of the top 4. This was expected as the EPL is heavily rigged in favor of big teams. The race for the third and fourth spot in the Champions League is nicely shaping up between Arsenal, Southampton, Manchester United and Tottenham.

English Premier League Predictions Week 24

The marquee match ups and the English Premier League Predictions Week 24 are as follows:

Tottenham v Arsenal

For years, beating Tottenham home and away was easier than saying Wojciech Szczesny for Arsenal. Not any more. Tottenham are playing very well and we don’t know if the elegant or pathetic Arsenal would turn up at White Hart Lane. We expect a  2-2 draw which would in effect be an Arsenal loss as far as the Champions League campaign is concerned.

Everton v Liverpool

Two teams with lofty ambitions at the beginning of the campaign have now started to realize that they actually overachieved last season. We’d like to predict a 0-0 tame draw but we have a feeling that Liverpool will pip it in the end by a 1 goal. Sturridge is back after a 4 month injury absence, Markovic is adapting to life in EPL and the revelation of the season has turned out to be the Turkish international Emre Can. If Can keeps on putting displays as he has been putting lately, Liverpool might even come in contention for the Champions League spot. But in our opinion as long as they’d keep Steven Gerrard playing they won’t achieve anything of note. It is clear that Liverpool has only contracted Stevie G. for jersey sales as Everton had did with Eto’o and Chelsea are doing with Drogba.

07 Feb 12:45 Spurs  2 Spurs v Arsenal 2  Arsenal
07 Feb 15:00 Aston Villa  0 Aston Villa v Chelsea 3  Chelsea
07 Feb 15:00 Leicester  1 Leicester v Crystal Palace 2  Crystal Palace
07 Feb 15:00 Man City  3 Man City v Hull 0   Hull
07 Feb 15:00 QPR    2 QPR v Southampton 1   Southampton
07 Feb 15:00 Swansea   1 Swansea v Sunderland 2  Sunderland
07 Feb 17:30 Everton  0 Everton v Liverpool 1  Liverpool
08 Feb 12:00 Burnley  2 Burnley v West Brom 2  West Brom
08 Feb 14:05 Newcastle   1 Newcastle v Stoke 1  Stoke
08 Feb 16:15 West Ham  2 West Ham v Man Utd 2  Man Utd

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