English Premier League Predictions Week 23 January 31, 2014-15

English Premier League Predictions

(Last Weak’s  English Premier League Predictions Review)

Here is last weak’s English Premier League predictions’ review. We have already said that Arsenal is perhaps playing their worst season ever under Arsène Wenger, so when they went to have a face-off with Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, we were more or less convinced of a Manchester City victory even before the match started. But we, as well as the commentators and experts on Sky Sports were in for a surprise. First of all Arsenal were very organized defensively and the credit goes to the young Frenchman Francis Coquelin who is now being hailed as the new Claude Makélélé.

Keeping in tradition with all the good French players Coquelin doesn’t play in France either.  The lightning fast counter-attacking play was carried-out by Giroud, Cazorla and Sanchez while Bellerin and Monreal kept the City flanks in check. Although we’re still convinced that Arsenal won’t be able to replicate this kind of success against big teams, it was for once good to watch a game which was not a complete mismatch like most of the games in the EPL. Of all the 10 matches played last week, this was the only upset. For example, all the other teams who were expected to win did win.

This week’s marquee English Premier League predictions

Chelsea vs Manchester City (3-1): Manchester City are going to London this week to defend their title, already trailing the leaders Chelsea by 5 points after their defeat at the hands of Arsenal. Their unceremonious exit at the the hands of Middlesbrough in the FA cup this week  did not help their cause either. Our English Premier League prediction is that Chelsea will comfortably win this match by a 2 goal difference.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa (3-0): Arsenal should win this easily at the Emirates and if they do we could have a very serious four horse race between Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Southampton for the 3rd and 4th Champions League spot. We know that it is a bit premature to think that Southampton would even be in the top 6, but as of now they are posing a serious challenge to the Champions League spots. Arsenal have Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott back from injury and they have a spring in their step.

Southampton vs Swansea (2-0): English Premier League Predictions for Swansea have veered from optimistic to hopeless. Swansea under Gary Monk have played very attractive, although a bit useless sometimes, football this season but since the EPL is rigged in favor of big teams, they lost their best player Bony to Manchester City and now have no striker of note. Southampton on the other hand are looking at the additional 18 million pounds which come with Champions League qualification and this should be a very interesting match. We expect Southampton to win it 2-0. For a complete round up of English Premier League predictions see below.


31 Jan 12:45 Hull     2 Hull v Newcastle 1   Newcastle
31 Jan 15:00 Crystal Palace  2 Crystal Palace v Everton 2   Everton
31 Jan 15:00 Liverpool     1 Liverpool v West Ham 1    West Ham
31 Jan 15:00 Man Utd    3 Man Utd v Leicester 0    Leicester
31 Jan 15:00 Stoke    2 Stoke v QPR 0    QPR
31 Jan 15:00 Sunderland  1 Sunderland v Burnley 1    Burnley
31 Jan 15:00 West Brom   0 West Brom v Spurs 2    Spurs
31 Jan 17:30 Chelsea   3 Chelsea v Man City 1    Man City
01 Feb 13:30 Arsenal    3 Arsenal v Aston Villa 0   Aston Villa
01 Feb 16:00 Southampton  2 Southampton v Swansea 0   Swansea

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