Best Striker In EPL 2014-15: It’s Between Aguero, Costa and Kane

Best Striker in EPL

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Best Striker In EPL 2014-15

Let’s take a look at the chart given above.

It is clear that the best striker in EPL 2014-15 season is Sergio Aguero (as of 25/02/2015). He has got a playing time of 1473 minutes and has scored 17 goals which means that he scores one goal every 87 minutes. Since one football match lasts for 90 minutes, it means that mathematically speaking, Aguero scores in every match in which he plays on average. This is an excellent return for any striker and especially for someone who is not tall and powerful as Didier Drogba or has exceptional speed as Michael Owen.

Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas

Costa should give half his match fee to Fabregas because he is getting excellent supply from him. Fabregas has vision and an excellent passing technique which puts the ball on the plate for Costa to score. Costa has also scored 17 goals as of 25/02/2015 and like Aguero, he is well on course for a 25 goal season. Costa scores a goal every 100 minutes which is also an excellent strike rate.

Best Striker in EPL 2014-2015 (English)

Both the English strikers in top 5 are surprise entries. Kane was not even in the first team at Tottenham and Pochettino was using him only in the Europa League but thanks to woeful performances from Soldado and Adebayor (which we were wise enough to predict way back in October) he made his way to the first team by the shear weight of  goals and hasn’t looked back since.

Charlie Austin is the real surprise package because he does not play in a big club (Sorry QPR fans, you guys are not big) and hence was written off before the start of the season (Hint: European people in general and the English people in particular love the aristocracy, hence the love for big footballing clubs). Austin has scored 14 goals like Kane albeit at a noticeably slower strike rate but then Austin does not get the same service as Kane.

Arsenal And Alexis

Taking of the best striker in EPL 2014-15 season takes us to the fifth spot in the top 5 which goes to Sanchez from Arsenal with 12 goals. Sanchez single-handedly carried the team on his shoulders during the bleak months of October, November and December when half the first team was injured. He is the only player in the top 5 who is not an out and out striker. He has the potential to have a 20 goal season and if he does then we’ll see Arsenal in the Champions League next season.

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