5 German Hottest Female Footballers

 German Female Footballers Playboy

Quite a number of famous German female football beauties have appeared in Playboy.

German Women’s Footballers

Germany is the only country to have won both the men’s and women’s World Cups. Currently both men and women German football teams are world champions. Here are the five German hottest female footballers from German women’s soccer team.

1. Selina Wagner


selina wagner

Selina’s parents liked to take their little daughter to the football pitch, where she started playing at age 3 in her hometown St. Wendel. Since June 2015 Selina is playing for FC Freiburg, the league rival of her former club VfL Wolfsburg, where she also had her training as an office administrative. The now 24 year old also appeared almost completely naked in the July issue 2011 of Playboy magazine. In the special, 6 (also Julia Simic, see point 3) female German soccer players got photographed within the framework of the Fifa Women’s World Cup in 2011.

2. Lena Petermann

Lena Petermann , german female footballers , german female footballers playboy


The 21 year old Lena is currently playing for the FC Freiburg club and since March 2015 also for the German National female soccer team in the Fifa Women’s World Cup in Canada. Even though the 5’7 beauty still seems very shy during press conferences and wasn’t always a successful player in the past, some see a lot of potential in her. Lena is not only a good soccer, but also very intelligent. She is studying English and Sport in Freiburg to become a teacher.

3. Julia Simic

Julia Simic

Since January 2015, Julia is playing for the club VfL Wolfsburg. One of two similarities she has with our Number 1, Selina Wagner, who also played several years in this club. The other one is the Playboy magazine photoshoot they had together in 2011 (see point 1). Julia started soccer at age 6 in the boys team. After a cruciate ligament rupture during training for the National soccer team in 2011 and a second ligament rupture in 2012, she had her comeback in 2013 with the 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam. Her doll-like look brought her 3th place in our list.

4. Jennifer Cramer

 Jennifer Cramer

The 22 year old Jennifer Cramer is not only working on her soccer career in 1.FCC Turbine Potsdam, but also wants to become a police inspector for which she is studying at the border police in Potsdam. “It was my childhood dream to become a police office. I like the challenge”, she once said in an interview on ARD (German TV channel). For all of you, who also think that Jennifer is so beautiful that there should be a double, will be very happy after hearing that she also a twin sister called Laura. Besides soccer and her studies, her biggest dream is travelling around the world. As Jennifer is also playing for the National soccer team in the Fifa Women’s World Cup in Canada, this should not be a problem anymore.

5. Melanie Leupolz

Melanie Leupolz

“Melli’s” idol is the famous soccer and World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger. According to her, she can’t live without family, friends and soccer (Interview FC Bayern Frauenfußball). That’s maybe also the reason why Melanie attended a special school, which integrates soccer plus school and which she left with an A-grade. In the last preliminary round, the FC Bayern München-soccer girl, made the 1:0 against Thailand.

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