5 Effective Productivity Boosters in the Workplace

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It’s a common myth that you only need daily motivators if you’re stuck in a terrible job that you’re not fond of. However, this is largely untrue. Love or hate your job, there will really be downtimes where you don’t feel like giving your 100%.

Unfortunately, you can’t just stop, drop, and run every time you feel restless or trapped at work. Productivity is critical to your work success. That’s why you should learn to pick up your motivation and boost your productivity even during such down times.

Here are five effective productivity boosters to get you back up and going:

1. Organize Your Tasks

Sometimes it’s the sheer amount of tasks we have at hand that are holding us back from going any further. We get anxious and try to distract ourselves from thinking about the stress our work brings us. But as we all know, this is as counterproductive as not doing the tasks at all.

Break down your tasks to make them seem more manageable. In this Fast Company article, Ekaterina Walter, CMO at Branderati shares her insight on task organization. The key to efficient tasking, Walter, explains, is finding which part of the day you’re most comfortable working in.

After settling into your preferred work schedule, you segregate big tasks into smaller ones that you can manage throughout the day.

2. Get Away from Digital Diversions

It’s no secret that plenty of people have a difficult time concentrating because of their gadgets. In fact, it’s because of the smartphone that our general attention spans have plunged from twelve to eight seconds. While technology has made life much easier for people, it’s also become a difficult distraction from our actual work.

Removing distractions is actually not that difficult. To avoid feeling tempted into checking your phone every five minutes, place yourself in a position far away from it. Keep it in your bag or in your office drawer, somewhere you won’t be able to quickly grab it and get distracted.

If you can’t keep these gadgets away from you due to work, or if you still find yourself straying onto online social media sites like Facebook, it’s time to utilize online apps that can help regulate your procrastination and remind you to get back on track.

3. Rest Between Work

One of the reasons why we often get swayed to procrastinate might be due to heavy workload, or continuous work. Going on for hours without rest affects not only our quality of work, but also our health, creating serious problem in the long-run.

Take regular breaks and breathers between your work. At the same time, make sure that these breaks remain productive in energizing you so you come back feeling better than before. An advisable break time aside from lunch breaks would be two fifteen-minute breaks in a day, but these can differ and you can choose to scatter it throughout the day.

An effective app that keeps your breaks and working minutes in check is the Pomodoro productivity tool. Based on the Pomodoro technique, this lets you rest every twenty minutes.

4. Focus on One Thing at a Time

It sounds counter intuitive, but multi-tasking is ruinous to productivity.

Doing too many things at once doesn’t get anything done because you keep shifting from one task to another without finishing anything. The quality of work you put out also suffers because of the lack of focus that you have, and it can be extremely overwhelming if you juggle too many things at the same time.

Focusing on a single task is easier and creates better output. According to EduGeeksClub expert Sara Smith, “tune into one thing at a time by outsourcing tasks like proofreading or editing. Don’t leave a task to start on something new unless you’ve finished. This way you’ll achieve more and create better material.”

5. Set Clear Goals and Deadlines

You’ll feel lost and overwhelmed if you don’t know where you’re headed. If you don’t have clear-cut goals set out for you in the current task at hand, make sure to set them yourself. It can be a personal goal, like finishing a certain amount of tasks, or submitting output at a certain time.

Remember that the goals you set should be realistic and achievable. As much as it pays to be optimistic at how much work you can churn out in a given amount of time, it’s also important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Conclusion: Boost Your Potential

Becoming more productive in the workplace proves to be challenging if you’ve got plenty of distractions around. Don’t get disheartened, though.

With the right productivity tools and mind set at hand, you’ll be sure to boost your productivity.


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