10 Reasons Why Knowing a Foreign Language Will Make You Happier

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Language is the bridge that brings people together. It is the tool with which different countries around the world use to come to trade agreements. Learning a language other than your native one adds more value to your life than anyone can possibly explain. You must have seen a person who switched speaking from English to German, from French or Japanese with such ease that you were left awed. Well, you can be that person in not so far off future. The benefits that come with learning a new language are more than you can imagine. Here are a few:

Travelling becomes fun and fulfilling

Everyone loves travelling and taking holidays. When you visit a place where the language used is not what you know, then communication becomes a problem. However, you can buy a guide which will help you ask for directions or even order food at fancy restaurants. Still, this can’t compare with the fun a person who has learnt the local language experience. By learning a foreign language, you will interact with the locals and get to really learn their values, culture and so much more.

You can brag more about your accomplishments

It has been shown by studies that bilingual people are more confident than ordinary people. By being able to speak another language, you boast of your social status as your friends and foes will be looking up to you.

Increase your marketability

There are many jobs around the world, but they are restricted to the language of the job applicants. An English speaker cannot get a job that requires a Chinese speaking person. If, on the other hand, you know Chinese, you have a higher chance of getting the job.

You will meet new exciting people

There are places you simply can’t go if you don’t know the language spoken there. A business forum for the German speaking investors and entrepreneurs will only attract people who can speak and hear German. By learning a new language, you open opportunities to meet more exciting people, both in social network and work circles.

You become better in your native language

Learning a new language requires that you have to pay more attention to the use of grammar and other language rules. This is not usually the case when you are learning your mother tongue. Because of the keen attention paid in learning the new language, you will find that this attention also goes to the way you now use your native language.

Some diseases are prevented by learning a new language

A person who has learnt a new language is definitely using their brain more than those who only know their native language. A person who has a second language to boast of having more mental capacity and as such, they are able to keep off or slow down some diseases such as Alzheimer.

Become a better person

Well, this is not to say that others are not, but look closely at those people who know more than one language. They seem to know much more than others. They seem happier and more satisfied with life than those people who only know their native language. Studies have shown that you will become an all-rounded person once you learn a new language. It is a fact that a person who knows more than one language has a better social life than they would otherwise have had they stuck with their native language only.

You become a better decision maker

Learning a new language will make you more of a better decision maker than if you only knew your mother tongue. People who only know one language tend to be stuck with the current situation while bilinguals tend to make decisions aimed at the future.

Increase your brain power

Bilinguals have been seen to be better when it comes to mental tests such as those involving math, science and vocabulary. They tend to beat the monolinguals when it comes to brain capacity. You also become a better reader. Further studies showed that when you learn a new language, you tend to eliminate the gray matter. Gray matter is part of the brain, which is concerned with the processing of information. This means you are able to use your brain at a better capacity and more efficiently.

Living, studying and working abroad becomes easy

One of the requirements in many countries for you to be allowed to live there is to learn their national language. When you learn a new language, you are improving your chances of joining universities that are out of reach for the monolingual. Broaden your world by learning a new language today and get a chance to explore the world the way you want to.

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